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Know Facts About Petoi Bittle Robotic Dog

Why we should have robot pets?

Robot pets can help with emotional, mental, and social health. They can lessen loneliness by providing companionship. Improve the quality of life.

Robots’ pets work- robotic pets are a relatively new addition to social care. They have inner mechanisms that respond to touch and also make noises from being petted or spoken to. Some of the pets can turn their heads to sound and blink their eyes. Petri Bittle is a tiny but powerful robot that can play tricks like real animals. And an affordable Boston dynamics-style quadruped robot dog that makes a perfect tool for learning, teaching researching, or a surprising gift to impress family and friends.

Petoi Bittle has– Interlocking Frame, Arduino-compatible chip and wireless ports, Shock reduction joints, a Rechargeable L-i-polymer battery, a Panning head clip, a Detachable neck during a collision, and 9x fast & powerful digital servos. There are two models of Petoi Bittle, a pre-assembled kit and a DIY construction kit. It comes with three color options, Black and yellow, Blue and yellow, or Red and yellow.

Let’s see how to control Petoi Bittle.

  • Use the IR Remote controller.
  • Use the mobile app Petoi.
  • Use the Petoi Desktop app.
  • Use the Arduino IDE.
  • Use the programmable via C/C++/ Python.
  • Inject artificial intelligence capabilities by mounting a Raspberry Pi- or other AI chips through a wired/ wireless connection.

How to calibrate- the easiest way to calibrate your pet robot is to leave all joints disassembled. Then use a combination of the IR remote and Petoi app to complete the calibration. Bittle is a compact system of five major components body frame, actuator, electronics, battery, and the software to coordinate all the hardware to perform varied tasks.

  • Power on Bittle, and hold the battery button for 3 sec.
  • Use the IR remote to enter calibration mode.
  • Attached are the limbs following and the calibration image.
  • Attach a Bluetooth adapter to the robot and connect it via the Petoi app. 
  • Use the calibration menu to fine-tweak the angles of each joint until they are correct and accurate.

Bittle interlocking frame as a 3D puzzle with very few screws involved. Most body parts are symmetric for simplicity and aesthetics. The elasticity of the material in the spring-loaded upper legs flattens the shock on joint servos to protect their gears.

About its Electronics

Bittle is driven by Nyboard V1, a customized Arduino board with rich peripherals. And the chip of a regular Arduino Uno to coordinate sophisticated motions. The board can drive at least 12PWM servos, and IMU is used for balancing. The board also listens to string commands from the serial port, such as walk, and sit.

About Robo pets

A robotic pet machine designed to look and act like actual dogs, cats, or other animals, a robot is a programmable machine that can assist or replace human efforts. But thanks to artificial intelligence Robo pets can mimic living pets and respond to human interaction. As technology advances, Robo pets seem more like living animals.

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