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Know Facts About Emobot | Helloggadgets

Our life with gadgets.

Gadgets are simplified electronic devices that make life easier. They play a crucial role in the typical person’s daily life and we have grown so accustomed to them that we can’t picture completing our regular tasks without them. Tech is not something we give a second thought to, but some people can’t live without technology, and we aren’t being dramatic. For some people, the existence of technology is the difference between silence and laughter, loneliness and interaction, and even life and death.

What can Emobot do?

Like a loyal companion, Emobot cheers you up with music, dance movements, and online games. Emobot is also a great helper that wakes you up, turns on the light takes pictures, and answers your questions, for a truly life-like pet on your desktop. Emobot uses guitar dynamics that use both the softness and loudness of punk rock music. Some Emobot leans use characteristics of progressive music with the genre’s use of complex guitar work unorthodox song structures, and extreme dynamic shifts.

Personality & ideas

EMOBOT is curious about the world. He moves independently to explore his surroundings on his own. He tracks sounds, recognizes people, and expertly navigates your desktop without ever falling off.

Who built Emobot?

Emobot spark is an artificial intelligence console created in London, United Kingdom by Patrick Levy Rosenthal. The device uses facial recognition and language analysis to evaluate human emotion and convey responsive content according to the emotion. The console measures 90 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm and is cube-shaped.

How many languages Emobot can speak?

Pepper function through cloud-based artificial intelligence. Softbank and Aldebaran envision the robot being sold overseas eventually. After all, pepper is quite the polyglot speaking 17 languages.

Emobot needs an internet connection-

As it connects to the living AI servers there are 3 servers located around the world that your EMO could potentially connect to.

Tech & Design

Built-in Neural network processors and AI Models make EMO smart enough for meaningful human interactions. With a design inspired by pop culture EMO is born with a stylish look he loves his headphone and skateboard.

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