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Get a travel-friendly refurbished MacBook Pro for under $500

The 2015 Apple MacBook Pro has a variety of ports, an Intel Core i5, and just slight aesthetic damage.

While recent events have accelerated our transition to teleconferencing, many independent contractors have been working remotely for years, leading careers as digital nomads in several cities or nations without ever meeting customers in person. For example, independent photographers and graphic designers may edit work from home or in coworking spaces, while web developers frequently promote their services through an online portfolio.

However, in order to sustain a consistent income, digital nomads must be self-sufficient. Although they can manage their time while juggling clients with the help of calendar and communication tools, their personal computers are just as crucial because they serve as the hub for securing and completing tasks projects. A refurbished 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro costs $436 if you’re seeking for a budget-friendly, remote-friendly work computer.

The cost of replacement is one factor to take into account when buying a refurbished computer for remote work. As a freelancer, you incur a larger risk of damage, loss, or theft if you frequently go out of the country or across town to meet clients. A sudden decrease or crash won’t be the end of the world at this pricing. Just keep in mind to frequently backup your work.

The condition of the 2015 MacBook Pro is also acceptable. It was given a grade “B” for reconditioned quality, so expect some minor visual flaws like scratches and dents. In 2022, the internals will continue to function as intended and provide decent performance. The MacBook has a 256GB hard drive, 8GB of memory, and an Intel Core i5 processor for managing your stuff. Although you shouldn’t anticipate horsepower on par with the most cutting-edge models, these specifications are more than sufficient if your job primarily entails responding to emails.

Weight and size are two more factors. The MacBook Pro fits easily inside a bag or briefcase because it weighs less than four pounds and is 12.4 inches broad at its widest point. Additionally, it has a kind Several ports are available, including two Thunderbolt 2 connectors for data transfer, a 3.5mm headphone socket for blending music, and an SDXC card slot for uploading pictures and videos.

For $436, or 70% off the original MSRP, you can get a 2015 Apple MacBook Pro if you’re searching for a portable laptop for remote work or giving.

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