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9 cool gadgets: The Best New Tech for 2023 | Helloggadgets

We live in a world of incredible innovation, smart devices, and genius tools that can be carried on you at all times. With all of these advances in technology come some really cool gadgets. These days, you can get everything from pocket-size projectors to shoes made of dandelions and drones that can fly themselves. But with so many cool gadgets out there these days, it can be hard to track down the ones that you should actually buy. To make your life easier, we’ve tracked down and gathered our personal favorites all here in one place.

Cool gadgets and new tech for 2023

DJI Avata:

First-person view drones have really taken off recently. Allowing you to put on a headset and fly a drone from a first-person view, these unique devices are the closest you can feel to flying like a bird. DJI has released its latest version of this technology known as the DJI Avata. It is made to be more durable, and ready for any unfortunate crashes. You can pilot it via a controller or a joystick that mimics the movements of your hand. It also comes with plenty of clever features like the ability to use custom routes, follow a person or vehicle, and return to the starting point if it goes too far away.

Apple Watch Ultra:

Apple has now been making its Watch series for a good few years, most of which have followed roughly the same formula. The Apple Watch Ultra takes all of the good bits of previous designs, and piles as much as possible on top. While the result is a smartwatch that is by no means cheap, it has also resulted in the perfect device for athletes of all practices. Apple has kept divers, climbers, tennis players, martial artists, and everyone in between in mind.

It is durable, water-resistant up to 100 meters, can deal with extremely low and high temperatures has an impressive 36-hour battery life, and has detailed apps to track your fitness and health.

Beeline Velo 2:

Trying to get around a city on a bike is a stress like no other, attempting to navigate cars, people, and lanes while also tracking your destination on your phone with a confused navigation system. The Velo 2 cycling computer is, unfortunately, unable to remove the cars and people in your way, but it can make navigation easier. This tiny circular device attaches to your bike, giving you easy minimal navigation instructions that are built from tracking real-life journeys. You can also track your speed, arrival time, and distance and check the time. It’s even weatherproof!

Garmin Instinct Crossover:

Garmin’s new Instinct Crossover Solar fits a niche group of people who seem to be exercising every second of the day. It doesn’t really matter what your chosen sport is, the never-ending menus on this watch will have a mode for you. It tracks everything from running power to heart rate, effective recovery time, and even how smoothly you descended a mountain bike trail. When you eventually stop running, it can track your sleep and stress, and to fit even more exercise into your life, it uses solar power to stay on for an estimated 70 days without a charge.

Google Pixel 7:

There are a lot of smartphones out there, but realistically Apple and Samsung steal most of the limelight. With its two latest devices, Google has managed to join those top two, offering a pair of serious contenders in the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. In most of the obvious ways, these are great devices, dealing with solid battery performance, a strong processor, a bright and colorful display, and even one of the best cameras we’ve used.

But in our Google Pixel 7 Pro review, it was the device’s software that we were most impressed by. Able to translate voice notes to text, cut photo-bombers out of your pictures, and even screen calls so you can see if it is spam or not, the device offers a huge variety of ways to make your phone experience better.

iRobot Roomba J7+:

iRobot, not to be confused with the 2004 Will Smith classic, is the leading creator of robot vacuums with the Roomba range. Getting smarter each year, the new Roomba J7+ combines both vacuum and mop in one machine. This isn’t new, but the company has introduced a new self-retracting mop feature. The mop lifts out of the way when it approaches the carpet, only use the mop in the places you want it. In theory, this means a robot vacuum that can be fully independent and doesn’t need to be assisted… so this is how the robot uprising starts?

Nothing Ear (Stick):

Making interesting earbuds can be a challenge. Most look, feel and act the same these days, so something a bit different is always a pleasure. Nothing is a brand known for innovation, trying to make products slightly different from the competition. With the Stick, it’s the charging case that adds some variety. The case is a long tube that can easily fit in your pocket. The case twists open to reveal the headphones inside. Along with looking slightly different from competitors, these are good-sounding headphones, offering a solid battery life and comfortable fit.

Apple Airpods Gen 2:

For Apple fans, Airpods are likely the obvious choice for a new pair of in-ear headphones. If you are looking for the latest and best option, it will be the new Apple Airpods Pro 2nd generation. While they don’t come cheap, they offer Apple’s best active noise cancellation outside of the incredibly pricey AirPods Max, as well as upping the battery life to get you 6 hours on a single charge. The most important upgrade here is the new H2 chip. This aids the noise cancellation and allows the headphones to adapt songs to offer rich bass and clear high notes in real time.

DJI Mini 3 Pro:

Every year, DJI’s Miniseries gets smaller and yet more powerful, cramming high-end specs into a lightweight drone that you can chuck in your bag. But with all those improvements, comes an eye-watering price, and an increasing fear for your financial status if you crash it. It offers advanced obstacle avoidance features, a rotating lens so you can film portraits or landscapes, 4K video, smart flying features like automatic tracking, and the ability to follow a subject. Despite its higher price, this feels like the perfect drone for beginners, those who like to travel, or really anyone in the market for a lightweight, high-tech drone.

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